Adsterra vs MGID: Which is a Better AdSense Alternative?

Adsterra vs MGID. Which is a Better AdSense Alternative?

Adsterra vs MGID: One of the ways that the blog you manage can make money online is by earning income through Google AdSense. However, getting an AdSense account is not easy. There are many procedures that must be followed when registering a blog.

Adsterra vs MGID: Which is a Better AdSense Alternative?
Comparison of Adsterra and MGID

There are countless advertising companies that can be AdSense alternatives. This time, the Igniel blog discusses the comparison of two of them, namely Adsterra and MGID.

Reasons for Choosing Alternative Ads Apart from AdSense

Now, many bloggers have switched to using the AdSense alternative. Some of the reasons include managed blogs that already have good traffic but have repeatedly received rejections from AdSense.

Many also switched because they were not able to manage blogs with fairly strict AdSense regulations. There is also because his blog was once banned by AdSense.

Apart from the reasons above, they prefer to use other advertising companies because they can provide more profitable income but with more lenient conditions.

Comparison of Adsterra and MGID

In this article, we will try to review some things about Adsterra and MGID. Both are great AdSense alternatives and can even be used together on a single blog. But I suggest that you focus on the one that you think is best so you can focus more.


Here is some important information about Adsterra advertising company.

Adsterra vs MGID: Which is a Better AdSense Alternative?
Adsterra Homepage
    • General information

Adsterra has an advertising office based in the city of Nicosia, to be precise in the country of Cyprus (Cyprus). Adsterra has several payment methods such as Paypal, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paxum, and bank transfer.

    • Advertising Services

Adsterra provides various ad format services ranging from popunder, native ads, Banners, Push ads, In-page push, Direct Smartlink, VAST (pre-roll), Social Bar ads in the form of chats, messenger widgets, video teasers, interstitials, and custom banners of all shapes and sizes.

    • Performance

Adsterra is known to provide high CPM values ​​even though the blogs that use it still have low traffic but sometimes they can get a sizable income.

    • Income

According to many bloggers who use Adsterra, this ad can provide a decent income when compared to other types of advertising.
Adsterra also has a low payout value. Adsterra’s minimum payout and payment methods are:

      1. $5: Paxum or Webmoney
      2. $100: PayPal or Bitcoin.
      3. $1,000: bank transfer.
    • Advantages

Currently, Adsterra is one of the advertising services that have high income because it has 2 advertising methods, namely CPM and PPC. This means that publishers who use Adsterra ads will get double revenue from the amount of Pay Per Click and Cost Per Mile which is calculated for every thousand ad views.

The Adsterra advertising network was built in 2013 and now has the achievement of being one of the best sources of funding for ad publishers because of its quality.

Adsterra offers high CPMs to their publishers, so they can become a money-making machine.

Adsterra has a full 24-hour support service, so whenever an advertiser or publisher has a problem, you can contact the support team who is ready without any holidays.

For Adsterra Advertisers who want to advertise, a minimum deposit of $100 can start an advertising campaign.

Advertisers can make deposits with various payment systems ranging from Visa / Mastercard, money orders, Paxum, Paypal, Webmoney, QIWI, Bitcoin, Yandex Money, and Capitalist.

Each advertiser and publisher will be accompanied by a manager who can assist in advertising matters, and provide solutions if they encounter problems in an advertising campaign.

    • Deficiency

With the various advantages above, there are also disadvantages of Adsterra, namely the absence of text ads. This is the same as AdSense which has also disabled text ads.


The following is brief information about MGID advertising company.

Adsterra vs MGID: Which is a Better AdSense Alternative?
MGID Homepage
    • General information

MGID was founded in 2004 but only entered the Indonesian local market starting in 2017. MGID owners are more focused on developing in the European and American markets. Now they have expanded to the Asia Pacific area to become an alternative Google AdSense.

    • Advertising Services

MGID services will provide high income, especially if the blog has a main focus on beauty and health.

By using MGID, the chance for an account to get banned is very small. This is because MGID provides a special manager who serves consultations about difficulties experienced by publishers or advertisers so that they can avoid problems that can cause bans.

    • Performance

Several publishers gave their testimonials regarding MGID’s income which was much greater than AdSense. However, there are conditions that must be met, namely where the registered blog does not violate the TOS.

    • Income

Minimum MGID payout and payment methods are:

      1. $50: Paymaster24
      2. $100: PayPal, Payoner, or Tipalties.
      3. $1,000: bank transfer.
    • Advantages

Relatively safer, so that in use it can be juxtaposed with AdSense. Enrolling in MGID is also much easier and the regulations are more lenient.

    • Deficiency

The use of MGID seems to be specifically intended for websites or blogs that have high traffic. This is what MGID lacks.


The intense competition in advertising services continues to increase. There are lots of big players in it, including Adsterra and MGID.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Please choose which one you think is most suitable for posting on the blog. To be sure, Adsterra and MGID are alternatives to AdSense ads that are safe, popular, and have the potential to generate lots of dollars if maximized properly.

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