“Coming 2 America” Gives Us Another Look At Eddie Murphy’s Adventures In New Trailer

Coming 2 America2:31

Coming 2 America second Trailer

Looks like more drama and fun awaits the King of Zamunda.

The second trailer for Coming 2 America is here, and the plot thickens.

After the first trailer, we discovered that now-King Akeem (Eddie Murphy) finds out that he has a son, Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler), in the United States. So, Akeem and Semmi (Arsenio Hall) take a trip to New York City to meet the next heir to the throne, whose mother happens to be a woman from Queens (Leslie Jones).

We see a lot of new faces in this upcoming film. In the new trailer, we learn that Akeem may have an enemy, General Izzi (Wesley Snipes), who wants to take over and rule Zamunda. Another storyline includes Akeem’s daughter, Princess Meeka (KiKi Layne) who wants to name herself heir of the throne instead of her long lost half-brother Lavelle.

There’s clearly more laughs and excitement on the way with this sequel to the 1988 film. We get to relive the pure tomfoolery of the barbershop crew and Randy Watson, the lead singer of Sexual Chocolate. Hopefully, we’ll get another iconic dance scene like the wedding dance in the original film.

We also have the pleasure of seeing a plethora of the original cast, including now-Queen Lisa (Shari Headley), Cleo McDowell (John Amos), and King Jaffe (James Earl Jones).

Coming 2 America will air on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021. Check out the trailer above, and let us know if you’re excited to see the film.

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