Samklef Slams Simi Again!

Samklef Slams Simi Again

Samklef Slams Simi Again

Samklef Slams Simi: Nigerian Music Producer, Samklef has been on a vocal venom outrage for some days, spitting words to Singer, Simi whom he claims now is threatened by Tems.

The music producer confidently stated that the “Duduke” Crooner, Simi is threatened by fast-rising artist Tems. The 36-year-old producer spilled the tea in an IG video after his Twitter war with Simi. In the live video, he said:

Tems is a threat to all of them, so they dey famz Tems. Tems no come talk, na una big mouth o wo ni Iya Tems. she feels threatened that Tems is coming out big, as Tems don come out now, their kind of sound be like agbo e le sound”.

He added that Simi should mind her business and face her husband’s house, that she should not cross her boundaries and stop acting like a feminist.

This is coming after Samklef was dragged aggressively on Twitter for sexualizing Tems. After wizkid shared a clip of himself and Tems on the set of “Essence Video”, Twitter became busy.

In reply to Wizkid’s post, Samkleft Tweeted: “Everybody can’t wait to see Tems Yansh. Me self dey wait. Who dey wait with me?

His tweet didn’t sit well with people who immediately called him out over his insensitive post. Singer Simi wasted no time in questioning his sanity.

Wtf is wrong with you?” She tweeted

Samklef wasted no time in slamming Simi who he called an ingrate. He also deleted all his tweets in relation to the matter. In a bid to justify his earlier post and why people shouldn’t be bothered by it, he cited BBN Erica as an example.

He said that Erica had sex on national Tv and everyone talked about it and why should Tems’ Body be different? Obviously annoyed, Erica replied to him with a sound warning.

Excuse me, I don’t know You so keep my name out of your sewage mouth! You just had to insert me in your Drama today! I will not be associated with you. Fuck off. When you start trending again today, Thank Tems, Simi, and me, your mummy, woman-hater

We are very sure that we haven’t seen the last of the aged long beef between Samklef and Simi but the puzzling fact remains that Simi hasn’t still said a word in response to everything Samklef has spat to her. We can only wonder what her motives could be but we hope to hear from her someday.

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