Some of UK’s Top Media Figures Have Been Barred From Entering Russia – From Russia-Ukraine War

Some of UK’s Top Media Figures Have Been Barred From Entering Russia – From Russia-Ukraine.

Some of UK's Top Media Figures Have Been Barred From Entering Russia - From Russia-Ukraine War
BBC Director-General Tim Davie, Orla Guerin, and Clive Myrie were included in the ban

 As part of a series of penalties, Russia jas prohibited a number of top UK-based journalists and defense professionals in response to UK measures targeting a number of Russian public figures.

Clive Myrie, Orla Guerin, and Nick Robinson of the BBC, as well as Director-General Tim Davie, are among the 29 media figures on the list. 

Journalists from Sky TV, The Times, Guardian, Channel Four, and ITV are also present. Hundreds of elected British MPs have already been barred from entering Russia. The Russian foreign ministry indicated that efforts to broaden the list would continue. 

“The British journalist on the list are deliberated disseminating inaccurate and one-sided information about Russia and developments in Ukraine and Donbas,” Russia’s foreign ministry stated. “They also contribute to the fuelling of Russophobia in British society with their biased assessments.”

Orla Guerin reported for the BBC from the Ukrainian city of Lysychansk, where she claimed the city’s fabric was being destroyed in a deliberate scorched earth policy. As Russian troops invaded Ukraine, seeking to conquer the city in the early days of the war, Clive Myrie reported live from Kyiv. 

Stuart Ramsay, a Sky News correspondent who is also on the list, was wounded in a Russian ambush while reported outside Kyiv in the early of the war. 

Among the other high-profile journalists on the list are John Witherow, editor of the Times, Chris Evans of the Telegraph, Katharine Viner of the Guardian, and Ted Verity of the Daily Mail. 

The Guardian’s Shaun Walker and Luke Harding, as well as the BBC’s Nick Beake and Pauls Adams, TV presenters Sophy Ridge and Cathy Newman, columnists Con Coughlin and Gideon Rachman, and Russia expert Mark Galeotti, are all on the list. 

There is a top member of the armed forces, including Royal Navy Chief Adm Sir Ben Key and Air Force Chief Micheal Wigston, who are not journalists. Alex Cresswell, the head of Thales UK, and other senior colleagues, as well as a number of top BAE Systems executives. including the company’s overall CEO Charles Woodburn, who has been barred from entering Russia





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