This Touching Story Of a Couple Losing 400 Pounds Will Inspire You. (Part 1)

This Touching Story Of a Couple Losing 400 Pounds Will Inspire You. (Part 1)

Many Americans consider it a daily effort to live a healthier life and stay in shape. This touching story of a couple losing 400 pounds will inspire you, this couple, like many others, struggled with obesity, but they chose to write a different take on their lives.

Lexi and Danny Reed struggled with obesity, but they took the decision to change their lives for the better and stick to it.

They set out on a mission to change their lives for the better and became the healthiest they could be. When you see the outcome of their quest, you will undoubtedly be inspired. Let’s have a look at their transformation process

Eating Out

Lexi and Danny spent their lives in the same that most other American couples do; they fell in love and then decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

The couple spent a lot of time watching television and eating at various restaurants, and as you might expect, junk food was in their multiple restaurants, and you might expect, just junk food was their “go-to” option.

Lexi had never liked the concept of eating healthy, and her eating habits seemed to have gotten worse since she married.

Eating Out

Pushing each other

The pair began dating in 2007, and while the relationship offered them comfort, it also brought with it some poor eating habits.

They never stopped observing that their lifestyle was deteriorating faster than they could have imagined as time passed.

Lexi and Danny began to eat fast food and most junk foods on a regular basis. In addition to their problems, they ate while watching television, which didn’t help matters. They did, however, manage to shed some weight during this time, but it would be quickly regained.

Pushing Each Other

Working on a challenge together

At the age of 25, Lexi Reed weighed a whopping 485 pounds, a weight that was hard to believe. Danny, on the other hand, despite his 280-pounds weight, was an overweight man. But the terrible aspect was that with each passing day, they were both acquiring more weight on top of what they already had.

Some of their day-to-day actions, no matter how insignificant, were a major source of contention for the couple. No matter how easy it was, they couldn’t go for walks or bicycle trips. They chose to make a positive change in their lives after celebrating their first anniversary in 2016.

Working On A Challenge Together

New Year’s Commitment 

The coupl3 has a lot of plans to ring in the new year 2016, and they, like many others around the world, set a New Year’s resolution. However, it was not like many others who opted to take on a task that would change their life forever – and for the better!

Many individuals make promises to themselves and others that they never keep, but the Reeds were not about to follow in their footsteps. Their dreams were destined to come true.

New Years Commitment

Prime Challenge 

When a friend of the couple heard about their plan to embark on a New Year’s resolution challenge to lose weight, he chimed in with a helping hand. For the last 30 days, they decided to exclude all sorts of alcohol from their diet as well as any type of cheat meal.

They assumed the entire procedure would be a piece of cake (pun intended!) As they continued to push forward, it became clear that this would not be an easy task. They went on to purchase a gym membership to assist them.

Prime Challenge

Step by Step Process

The gym’s aerobic classes were difficult for Lexi and posed a tremendous challenge for her. She acknowledged to trying a few high-intensity aerobic workouts but failing to complete them. Lexi was adamant about staying motivated and improving her entire health while losing weight,

However, she discovered that it was a hardship for her because her weight prevented her from keeping up with the rest of the class

Stey By Step Process

Seeing Positive Results

Lexi mentioned that she felt so much better and that she liked the way looked just a few days before they finished the 30-days challenge. Of course, this new sensation instilled in her the courage to continue working for her ultimate aim.

This new diet and exercise plan were working wonders for me! Lexi was losing a stunning 20 pounds per month in no time, but her weight reduction became “stagnant” as time went on. Lexi added that she decided to increase her workout routine and change the calories she received from her dieting in order to restart her weight reduction.

Seeing Positive Changes

No Excuses. 

Many people are passionate about losing weight and making plans to do so, but when it comes to really completing the work required to reach their objectives, their enthusiasm and drive have faded. According to studies, people lose motivation and feel like failures when they don’t follow through on their promises.

Lexi was conscious of not allowing herself to be in such circumstances, and she valued her gym membership as one of her most valuable possessions. She treated her gym trips as though they were her business meetings, and she couldn’t miss them because she is her own boss.

No Excuses

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