Top 20 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World (No. 3 Will Shock You)

Top 20 Countries With The Most Powerful Military0

Top 20 Countries With The Most Powerful Military

Top 20 Countries With The Most Powerful Military: Some old years back the strongest survive in terms of power and dominance amidst others.

World War III might be closer than we taught as America and Iran seem to be the two major countries to the frontline.

Well, before you start arguing on whose military is the best or who has the most powerful weapon and resources, I’ve listed below the top 20 countries with the most powerful military in the world accordingly.

Let’s go👇

1. The United States 🇺🇸

US Military

Total aircraft: 13,398 (ranked 1st out of 137).

Fighter aircraft: 2,362 (ranked 1st).

Combat tanks: 6,287 (ranked 3rd).

Total naval assets:  415; 24 aircraft carriers.

Defense budget: $716 billion.

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2. Russia 🇷🇺

Russia Military

Total military personnel: 3,586,128

Total aircraft strength: 4,078 (ranked 2nd out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 869 (ranked 3rd)

Combat tanks: 21,932 (ranked 1st)

Total naval assets:  352; one aircraft carrier out of service.

Defense budget: $44 billion

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3. China 🇨🇳

China Military

Total military personnel: 2,693,000 (estimated)

Total aircraft strength: 3,187 (ranked 3rd out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 1,222 (ranked 2nd)

Combat tanks: 13,050 (ranked 2nd)

Total naval assets: 714; one aircraft carrier

Defense budget: $224 billion

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4. India 🇮🇳

India Military

Total military personnel: 3,462,500 (estimated)

Total aircraft strength: 2,082 (ranked 4th out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 520 (ranked 4th)

Combat tanks: 4,184 (ranked 6th)

Total naval assets: 295; one aircraft carrier

Defense budget: $55.2 billion

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5. France 🇫🇷

France Military

Total military personnel: 388,635 (estimated)

Total aircraft strength: 1,248 (ranked 8th out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 273 (ranked 10th)

Combat tanks: 406 (ranked 44th)

Total naval assets: 118; four aircraft carriers

Defense budget: $40.5 billion

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6. Japan 🇯🇵

Japanese Military

Total military personnel: 303,157 (estimated)

Total aircraft strength: 1,572 (ranked 6th out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 297 (ranked 8th)

Combat tanks: 1,004 (ranked 25th)

Total naval assets: 131; four aircraft carriers

Defense budget: $47 billion

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7. South Korea🇰🇷

South Korea Military

Total military personnel: 5,827,150 (estimated)

Total aircraft strength: 1,614 (ranked 5th out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 406 (ranked 6th)

Combat tanks: 2,654 (ranked 9th)

Total naval assets: 166; one aircraft carrier

Defense budget: $38.3 billion

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8. United Kingdom 🇬🇧

United Kingdom Military

Total military personnel: 233,000 (estimated)

Total aircraft strength: 811 (ranked 15th out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 129 (ranked 19th)

Combat tanks: 331 (ranked 49th)

Total naval assets: 76; one aircraft carrier

Defense budget: $47.5 billion

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9. Turkey 🇹🇷

Turkey Military

Total military personnel: 735,000 (estimated)

Total aircraft strength: 1,067 (ranked 10th out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 207 (ranked 14th)

Combat tanks: 3,200 (ranked 7th)

Total naval assets: 194

Defense budget: $8.6 billion

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10. Germany 🇩🇪

Germany Military

Total population: 80,457,737

Total military personnel: 208,641 (estimated)

Total aircraft strength: 613 (ranked 17th out of 137)

Fighter aircraft: 122 (ranked 20th)

Combat tanks: 900 (ranked 26th)

Total naval assets: 81

Defense budget: $49.1 Billion

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